9 March 2022: IFA South Africa Webinar Series
Tax Avoidance and Tax Treaties: Application and Interpretation of the OECD's Principal Purpose Test

IFA 2022 Berlin

Annual IFA Congress - Berlin (Germany)

April 2023
David R. Tillinghast Conference (Cape Town)

IFA 2023 Cancun
Annual IFA Congress - Cancun (Mexico)

IFA 2024 Cape Town
Annual IFA Congress - Cape Town (South Africa)

IFA 2025 Lisbon
Annual IFA Congress - Lisbon (Portugal)

IFA 2026 Melbourne
Annual IFA Congress - Melbourne (Australia)

IFA 2027 Stockholm
Annual IFA Congress - Stockholm (Sweden)


Membership Information

The International Fiscal Association (IFA) is the only non-governmental and non-sectoral international organization dealing with fiscal matters. It comprises taxpayers, their advisers, government officials, members of the judiciary and university professors and is therefore a unique forum for discussing international fiscal questions. 


The International Fiscal Association brings together some 12,500 practitioners, tax officials and academics from over 116 member jurisdications, involved in and concerned with taxation of international transactions and the study of comparative tax systems. Based in Rotterdam, IFA, since its inception in the 1930's has provided, in conjunction with the activities of each IFA branch, a blend of comprehensive research of international taxation and the development of programs and initiatives of current practical import.

The South African Branch of IFA  participates both directly and indirectly in the activities of IFA, culminating in the IFA Annual Congress. The South African Branch also conducts seminars on international taxation topics and developments.

The Annual Congress of IFA, held between August and October, features the study of two major topics (see Annual IFA Congress menu for a list of upcoming topics) as well as seminars on other topics. Each of the two major topics entail the preparation of "IFA Branch Reports", a "General Report" (synthesizing and analyzing the trends and developments seen in the IFA Branch Reports), and a full-day discussion, normally resulting in some sort of concluding statement or recommendation. All reports are then bound and published. Members of the South African Branch have been very active in this regard and there is a South African member on the select Permanent Scientific committee that has responsibility for IFA's programs.

South African's who have an interest or involvement in international taxation may join the South African Branch of IFA (and thus become members of IFA ) for an annual fee. Members receive the two annual Reports and timely information on forthcoming activities of both IFA Central and the South African Branch.

  • Member of both the International Association and the South African Branch on the same fee.

  • Member of IFAs world-wide membership providing opportunities for networking globally.

  • Eligible to attend the Annual IFA Congress at member rate.

  • Two Cahiers, published once a year, containing the preparatory material for the subjects to be discussed at the following Congress.

  • Discounted registration fee for the Annual Seminar presented by the South African Branch of IFA featuring an international tax expert.

  • Discounted registration fee for evening seminars and webinars hosted by the South African Branch of IFA. 
  • Online access to Seminar Materials of all IFA South Africa Branch Seminars (Delegates at the Seminar receive a complimentary printed copy).


Regular Individual Member
Young Individual Member (under 30 years of age on January 1 of the membership year)
Corporate Member (limited to one membership per corporate entity)


Corporate membership governs all members that are not natural persons.  In accordance with the rules of Central IFA, corporate membership is restricted to one membership per corporate entity. In addition, corporate membership only provides membership benefits to two natural person nominees of the corporate member.  Additional individual memberships may be taken by those persons employed by a corporate member and linked to their employer.  


Corporate Member - R6,200
Regular Individual Member - R2,300
Young Individual Member (under 30 years of age on January 1 of the membership year) - R1,150


Membership follows a calendar year (i.e. 1 January to 31 December).  Membership is automatically renewed unless cancelled by 31 January (in writing) of the membership year.  Failure to cancel timeously renders the member liable for the annual dues.