9 March 2022: IFA South Africa Webinar Series
Tax Avoidance and Tax Treaties: Application and Interpretation of the OECD's Principal Purpose Test

IFA 2022 Berlin

Annual IFA Congress - Berlin (Germany)

April 2023
David R. Tillinghast Conference (Cape Town)

IFA 2023 Cancun
Annual IFA Congress - Cancun (Mexico)

IFA 2024 Cape Town
Annual IFA Congress - Cape Town (South Africa)

IFA 2025 Lisbon
Annual IFA Congress - Lisbon (Portugal)

IFA 2026 Melbourne
Annual IFA Congress - Melbourne (Australia)

IFA 2027 Stockholm
Annual IFA Congress - Stockholm (Sweden)


Mitchell B Carroll Prize

In order to encourage scientific work, the IFA has instituted a Prize as a tribute to its first Honorary President, Mitchell B. Carroll. This Prize is awarded for a work dealing with international fiscal questions, comparative fiscal law or local fiscal law with the emphasis on the relationships with the fiscal law of foreign jurisdictions. Competition for the Prize is open to lawyers, accountants and economists. There is an age limit of 35. Please click here for detailed rules of entry.

Maurice Lauré Prize

The IFA has instituted a Prize in order to encourage scientific work on international indirect taxation. The Prize is named in honour of Maurice Lauré, who was instrumental in the first implementation of the Value Added Tax system, now applied in more than 160 jurisdictions.

Poster Programme

In 1993 IFA initiated a so-called "Poster Programme" to promote young students to study and discuss international taxation. The programme is open to a maximum of ten students graduating in international taxation who are writing a thesis on a theoretical or practical subject.
IFA offers them the possibility :
  • to attend the Congress free of registration fee (they are to bear their own travel and accommodation expenses); 
  • to exhibit a Poster, indicating the main issues and parts of their thesis, in the Congress premises near the various book exhibitors; 
  • to discuss with interested Congress participants the issues of their thesis, exchanging their views with internationally recognised academics and professionals and other experts. 

This initiative aims at introducing young people to the IFA network. Therefore, IFA expects them to become acquainted with the organisation and procedures of the Association, so that they will be able to take an active part in IFA's work in the future.

IFA President YIN Scientific Award

2014 will be the launch of the IFA President YIN Scientific Award. This Award shall be awarded for an article published in a qualified medium, furthering the understanding of international fiscal law or comparative tax law, providing practical solutions to problems arising in cross-border transactions or situations.